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OMM 2-24-18 | Ronnie Horton

Integrity: one of the few things in life that cannot be taken from you, you choose to give it away or hold on to it for dear life.

My dad taught me this throughout my life. As a Christian I see this as being one of the most important tethers to our faith and how the world views us as Christians. If you say you are going to do something…do it at any cost. Christians whether janitor or Pastor and anywhere in between are watched by those around you. If you cannot keep your word, try not speaking.

The word tells us in James 1 that a double minded man is unstable in ALL of his ways. Be stable in your faith. Be stable in your walk with God. Be stable in your emotions and reactions and above all be stable in your relationship with Jesus! He will see you through all of life’s problems. If you don’t know Jesus, please let me introduce you.