“That’s What I Do” is coming in right on schedule! I am excited to share these songs from my heart with my friends and family. So far the mixes have been kept top secret, only heard by a hand picked group of insiders HAHA! I hope to see you at CFC in Palermo on April 1st. This is a dream come true and I have been earnestly praying this collection of songs will touch hearts, help to change lives and provide comfort and hope to those in need of a friend.  “Hold to God’s Unchanging Hand” has earned such a lasting place in my heart as it was the song my dad was singing from the pulpit when he had his fatal heart attack. How’s that for Holding to His unchanging hand! Each and every song has meaning and were carefully selected from the songs I have written and performed over the years. From “Too Many Times and “Two Winning Hands” (Hinson classics) to “World of Sin”, “For You and Me”, “When the Master Speaks”, “Call on Jesus”, “Without You”(my mom’s song, co written with Lisa Daggs) and That’s What I Do”, that God allowed me to write. I know God has had His touch upon this project and trust the songs will bring you enjoyment, peace and remind you how much Jesus loves you for years to come.

God bless you,